Awareness & Advocacy Overview

NAA NYM is very involved on a state, local and national level in efforts to advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. As families struggling with autism know all too well, the resources devoted to autism frequently are insufficient to meet the needs of our loved. Individuals with autism have many needs including medical, nutritional, therapeutic, educational, insurance, financial/financial planning, vocational and career, habilitative, wandering-related, and legal . . . to name just some. Challenges are significant at every age, from birth through adulthood. However, as the earliest born children of the autism epidemic are reaching adulthood in huge numbers, it is rapidly becoming obvious that circumstances become more difficult for many as their children with autism become adults with autism and transition away from services provided by school districts. NAA NYM is proud to partner with other organizations locally, state-wide and nationally to address issues relevant to our families and the professionals who work with them. Examples of NAA NYM’s advocacy efforts include:

Visit our News and Media page for many examples of NAA NYM in the media. Visit our Meet the Board page to learn about the many activities in which our board members are involved.

If you are interested in keeping up to date on public policy issues concerning autism, sign up for Action Alerts from Autism Action Network. AAN makes it easy for you to reach your representatives. AAN is unrelated to NAA NYM.