Special Book Event w/Erica Daniels (“Cooking with Leo”)

Join us for a discussion and book signing with Erica Daniels, autism mom, activist and author of a new cookbook for families of children with special needs.

Many parents of children on the autism spectrum or with other special needs try “special diets” – and there are so many! – to help their children. Many others consider special diets but are overwhelmed. However, “special diets” can be stressful and isolating. Autism itself is isolating. Overcoming the additional isolation of special diets can be healing for families and bring back some normalcy to our families.


Thursday, January 26, 2017
Rebecca School
40 East 30th Street, 5th Floor Gym

New York, NY

There is no charge for this event but please RSVP below.

For many years, Erica Daniels had been out to find a successful dietary intervention for her eleven-year- old son Leo, who suffers from significant food allergies, gastrointestinal disease and autism. Through trial and error in her own kitchen, she finally hit her gastronomic stride of preparing nourishing meals for her entire family without gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, additives, or GMOs – with Leo by her side.

Join Erica for a talk about natural health, eating clean and allergen-free and learning how to overcome the struggles and isolation that accompany children who need special diets. Learn how to bring back the tradition of sharing family meals again. Learn how to go from “special diets” to just eating healthy together as a family. Involving the whole family and bonding with your child through cooking and sharing family meals again sounds simple, but not for families affected by autism. Teach your children important life skills and independence through preparing and eating healthy meals. Learn about adding natural medicines to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Erica Daniels is the author of Cooking with Leo: An Allergen-Free Autism Family Cookbook, health activist, public speaker and is the single mother of Leo, who struggles with autism and chronic health issues. Erica’s life changed and gained new purpose after her son was diagnosed with autism in 2007. Erica founded Autism Advisors LLC and #hope4Leo 501c3 after years of struggling to treat her son’s autism using conventional and biomedical treatments with little or no success. Eating a healthy allergen-free diet and using natural medicines have greatly improved Leo’s health and autism symptoms.