Sensory Workshop #2 – Thriving Brains & Bodies – with Melody of Autism

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Join us on Thursday, June 16, 2016, when Faith Clarke and Rita Gendelman of Melody of Autism present the second of two June Sensory Workshops. Kick off the summer with important information about your child’s sensory system and how to meet your child’s sensory needs as well as understanding your own sensory needs and how to regulate your sensory system. RSVP below and also check out workshop #1 – Sensory Insights HERE.

Workshop #2 – Thriving Brains and Bodies

Thursday June 16, 2016
Rebecca School
40 East 30th Street, 5th Floor Gym
New York, NY 10016
(between Madison Ave. and Park Ave.)

Thriving Brains and Bodies are nourished, rested, emotionally connected to others and they MOVE! Movement strengthens the brain-body connection. When this connection is weak, it’s hard to pay attention, remember what you hear, process sensation or even sit still. Learning becomes very difficult.

This interactive session will inspire participants to pay attention to their own bodies while engaging in strategic movements, and so

• Deepen their understanding of the body/brain connection

• Build the best brain/body foundation for learning through movement

• Weave sensory friendly movement into academic learning

• Bridge specific developmental gaps through movement

Rita and Faith

About Faith and Rita, in their own words:

Faith Clarke

I’m a mommy of 3 amazing children ages 17 (ASD), 14 and 11 who help my husband and I calibrate to true north every day. My previous career in Computer Engineering and Systems Analysis helped me to sharpen my systematic approach to problem solving. In my 20+ years as an educator, I developed an aptitude for curriculum development and creating self-discovery learning materials for adult learners. I’m interested in adult learning issues and learning motivation, learning on teams, non-traditional learning environments, learning facilitation for special needs and learning differenced people. My 100+ hours of training in various approaches to facilitating learning in people with autism have convinced me that every individual can learn, and we can support that learning by tuning in to their unique interests and strengths.

I’m excited to be pulling all these strands together as I pursue doctoral studies in Performance Psychology, focusing on the development of a common mindset in non-traditional teams.

My formal education includes:

Rita Gendelman (Autism Specialist/Trainer with MOA)

My life’s journey has been blessed by working with special needs children. Over the past 18 years, I’ve had the privilege to touch the lives of hundreds of children, each with different levels of social, emotional, physical and cognitive challenges. My true passion surrounds working with autistic children. They have been true teachers to me, helping me understand the humanity of my own life. Since obtaining my Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, I’ve worked both in center-based OT environments and in private homes. I’m passionate about learning new approaches and continue to study a wide array of protocols and methodologies including sensory integration protocols, relationship-based interventions, HANDLE, Auditory Integration Therapy, and primitive reflex interventions. I also give workshops, seminars and provide one-to-one coaching for parents and other professionals who are involved in the autism community.

Learn more about Melody of Autism HERE.