Vaccine Whistleblower: Learn the latest from author Kevin Barry!

NAA NYM Is Excited to Announce a Special Book Event with
Kevin Barry, Esq.
Kevin Barry
author of the explosive new book,
Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC  
(foreward by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)
vaccine whistleblower cover
Tuesday, October 6th, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Rebecca School
40 East 30th Street, NYC

Books will be available for purchase & Mr. Barry will sign books!


Parents, pediatricians and policy makers are forced to rely on the honesty of  the CDC about vaccine safety when deciding how to vaccinate their children, treat their patients, and deciding whether or not to mandate vaccines. Based on the words of Dr. William Thompson, a Senior CDC Scientist and whistleblower (through his legal counsel) “there are more questions than answers” about “whether vaccines are associated with an increased risk of autism.”

Are you a parent whose child regressed into autism? Do you suspect that a vaccine or vaccine might have played a role? You are not alone. Over the past 20 years, tens of thousands of parents have reported that their children regressed into an autism diagnosis after adverse vaccine reactions.

Are you generally concerned about vaccine safety?

Or do you believe that the science is settled and there is no connection between autism and vaccines?

No matter your current position on this hot button issue, this is an important event to attend! There are important new revelations about which you need to be aware. In Vaccine Whistleblower, Kevin Barry, provides the actual transcripts of four recorded telephone calls between Dr. Thompson (the CDC Whistleblower) and Dr. Brian Hooker, with explosive details such as:

… and much more. Mr. Barry also puts these conversations in the context of the autism epidemic, identifies the key players and their roles, and explains the importance of Dr. Thompson’s revelations. He shares what needs to be done by doctors and scientists, and politicians at all levels of government, to ensure accountability and to save children’s health going forward. He also shares what parents and others can do as well.

Kevin Barry is the father of three sons, one with regressive autism. After receiving his JD from the Hofstra University School of Law, he worked at the US Attorney’s office, SouthernDistrict of NY, civil division. Mr. Barry is currently co-President of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law & Advocacy (EBCALA). He is also the current President of First Freedoms, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to advancing the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. He is the United Nations representative for World Information Transfer, an NGO which promotes global health and environmental literacy. Mr. Barry is the former President of Generation Rescue.