Potential Benefits of Saunas

Our President, Kim Mack Rosenberg, had the opportunity recently to try out the full-spectrum saunas made by Sunlighten, a sponsor of our national parent, the National Autism Association.  She blogged about it at her own blog – check it out!  Look for information about Sunlighten at the NAA Conference next week in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida. The Conference is a great place to learn news on treatment options and other important information for those with autism.  Saunas are one option to help people detox and the full-spectrum saunas offer some unique benefits.  As an NAA sponsor, Sunlighten has special deals for NAA members too!  For those in the NY area, the Beach Bum Tanning locations in Chelsea, Forest Hills and Saddle Brook now have Sunlighten’s full spectrum saunas that anyone 18+ can enjoy.  Kim shares her personal experience as well as information on the potential benefits of full-spectrum saunas for people with autism and generally for those looking to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.