Special Book Event w/Erica Daniels (“Cooking with Leo”)

January 26, 2017
Special Book Event w/Erica Daniels (“Cooking with Leo”)

Join us for a discussion and book signing with Erica Daniels, autism mom, activist and author of a new cookbook for families of children with special needs. Many parents of children on the autism spectrum or with other special needs try “special diets” – and there are so many! – to help their children. Many […]

April 30, 2010
David Kirby on Autism, Animal Factory, and How The Two Intersect

David Kirby with Gayle DeLong,Katie Wright, and Mattias April 27, 2010. As always, David Kirby mesmerized the audience with his talk. David spoke about autism, animal farming, how the two intersect, and the relationship of animal farming to autism. David is an amazing speaker! Read this book – you will rethink everything you eat – […]